About Us

Perhaps you recognize this. Everytime you look out for a new dress shirt it is a real quest. The shirt you always liked most, is not available anymore. The fit has been changed. Or the quality has declined. And the one store you bought your shirts does not exist anymore.

We have noticed that a lot of men experience just the same as you. They do not have a fixed brand, and do not want to search to long. They are not looking for velvet- like shirts, but a good quality shirt. You are looking for a brand you can build on. We are this brand.

Whether we know you or not, we love to help you get ahead. Need to determine your size? We gladly help you. We understand the value of being able to count on a store. Whether it is physical or online, we always help you personally. Personal service is what we stand for. You find your favorite shirts at Liefling.

And the good thing is. We do not change our entire collection every time. Liefling dress shirts remain in the collection for ever. In ten years you will still find your favorite shirt in our collection. We understand the irritation of starting your quest all over again.

We believe in simplicity
We believe that buying shirts should become simple again. Liefling offers a fine collection (dress) shirts of the highest quality. With one perfect fit made to fit all. Slightly tailored, for the perfect fit. Dress shirts of the highest quality, only the best fabrics are good enough. And available in two designs. A modern cut- away collar. And a sharp looking one-piece collar. A collar made out of one piece. A big part of our collection is based on the never-out-of-stock principle. We make sure your favorite shirt is available forever in a particular design and fit. So that Liefling will become our favorite shirt - the shirt we all love.

Personal service
Personal service is number 1 for us. We believe that buying online should not be unpersonal. Personal contact with our customers is of high value for us. We love to hear from you. 

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